parade of life

Paula Jardine


Dance Encounters

A community dance project initiated by Dance!Victoria, played out over two years, it incorporated multi generational, diverse ability community dance workshops, led by local choreographers including Lori Hamar and Annemarie Cabri.

The first year culminated in Stopping Traffic! , a dance at the James Bay 5 corners that stopped all traffic ~ except the busses, who were escorted through with waving flags and cheers. ~ celebrating our pedestrian friendly community.

The final event was Dance Encounters on Summer Solstice; 10 dance groups accompanied by live music, over a 2.5 km area of the cliffs and beach, along Dallas Road in Victoria. The dancers moved through the landscape and intersected with each other in planned and unplanned encounters. Each group included a musical element.

The event culminated in a salutation to the sun led by Kiran Kshatriya at sundown, and ended with a social dance.