parade of life

Paula Jardine


Wild Salmon

The Wild Salmon Guild was formed in 2002 in response to the increasing alarm that many people were feeling about the state of salmon on the west coast.

We are a loose association of artists who, in the early years, represented wild salmon in local parades. We called ourselves the Wild Salmon Festival On The Run: we had no money to organize our own event so jumped in on others, and dedicated ourselves to bringing glitter-glam to environmental activism.

We have won awards, most notably first prize in the Esquimalt Bucanneer Days Parade, because we started at the end of the parade and swam upstream. People loved it!

In the Victoria Day Parade we were beauty queens representing local salmon-bearing streams.

Since the parade days we have allied ourselves with Salmon are Sacred events and in support of the work of Alexandra Morton.

Ghost Run is also a project of the Wild Salmon Guild.