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Paula Jardine


Birds in Residence

Birds in Residence was an "Artists in Communities" project sponsored by the West End Community Association through Vancouver Parks and Recreation.

Having workshops all year gave us a chance to go deeper into connecting with the birds and people in the neighbourhood where Birds on Parade! would begin.

The residency was shared between Carmen Rosen, Cathy Stubington, Robi Smith and myself.

Activities included: Meet 'n Tweet; Habitat Mapping; Bird Chorale "Sing like a Bird"; Bird Puppets ; Dawn Chorus; Stilt Workshops; Crow Chorus; Birdy Embroidery; and Bird Felting
The residency ended in November with the creation of a kind of map/ mural / tapestry representing every siting submitted to our "Have you seen a bird?" Boxes.

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Birds on Parade

On August 20, 2018, a giant parade of people representing the birds that are local to, and migrate through, their home regions across BC and Canada, welcomed ornithologists from around the world, on behalf of the International Ornithologists' Union, to the 27th International Ornithological Congress.  Considered the oldest and most prestigious of meetings for bird scientists, this was the first time the Congress was held on the Pacific Coast of the Americas.

Inspired by Runaway Moon Theatre's Bird Stilt Chorus, Birds on Parade! was the culmination of a two year project called Birds!Birds!Birds!, supported in part by a residency - Birds in Residence - at the West End Community Centres.

Coproduced by Runaway Moon Theatre and Still Moon Arts, and championed by the City of Vancouver Parks, Recreation and Culture, the project was led by established community-based artists – Paula Jardine, Carmen Rosen, Cathy Stubington and Robi Smith,  and choreographer/ stilt teacher Isabelle Kirouac Arevalo. 
Other stilt teachers included Leif Saba, Aidan Sparks, Harper Freidman, Levana Prudhomme and Tamara Unroe.

Participants came from Williams Lake, Salmon Arm, Grindrod Armstrong and Enderby, Kamloops, Kelowna, Victoria, Toronto and Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

Birds on Parade! was championed by : Bob Elner, Convener, 27th International Ornithological Congress; Rob Butler, President, Pacific Wildlife Foundation and International Bird Festival; Alan Duncan, Vancouver Park Board; and Marie Lopez, Danita Noyes and Margaret Naylor, Vancouver Parks, Recreation & Culture.

With support from the BC Arts Council, the Vancouver Foundation, Government of BC - Gaming, the City of Vancouver, Vancouver Park Board, Vancouver Parks, Recreation and Culture, the Coal Harbour and West End Community Centres, City of Victoria, Theatre Inconnu, All Nations Arts Society in Williams Lake, and Shadowland Theatre, Toronto.

Thanks also to our friends at the Stanley Park Ecology Society!

Earnest Ice Cream  provided ice cream for all the participants

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