parade of life

Paula Jardine

Workshops and Presentations

I can speak on a range of subjects related to the work described in this website, and enjoy preparing presentations for communities who want to start new celebrations, or re-invigorate existing events.

Recent talks include
“The role of the artist in the sacred life of the community” with Marina Szijarto, covering our work together on All Souls at Mountain View Cemetery and other memorial projects. Union Cemetery 2012

“*Creative Funerals”: a discussion about the period of time between death and final disposition: what to do with the body, and the function of ceremony. *link to upcoming in "news"


Mapping your Creative Community

Memorial Making

Basic Lantern Making

Ghost Run

Lantern Village

Tiny Little Homes

For any of these workshops, or to enquire about another type of engagement and terms, please don't hesitate to contact me.

other talks/presentations
• 2006 Victoria International Arts Symposium
• Art in the Hub: A Symposium on Making Art Locally, examining the role Arts play in the revitalization of Neighbourhoods. March 20, 2008, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto
• Community Arts Celebration, City of Edmonton March 15 2008
• “Artists and the Green Funeral Movement” 2009
• Final Disposition: de mystifying death, funerals, cemeteries and ceremony, April 24, 2010