parade of life

Paula Jardine


Journey to the New World 1986

This was the first Public Dreams event in Vancouver: it was funded by an individual artists grant from Canada Council Explorations. The script was developed through consultation with Edward Lamb, a young folklorist doing his masters at Strathcona community centre, and was also informed a great deal by Carol Itter and Daphne Marlatt’s book, “Opening Doors”.

It was performed in Cantonese and English, over two evenings. The first night was the story of the creation up to and including the first peoples. On the second night, the people journey from east and west to gold mountain, to escape the greedy tyrant, The Living King of Hell, only to find that he has claimed gold mountain as well!

The first night ended with a friendship dance, the second night we celebrated the living King of Hell Dies of Anger, with a fire works display!